Meet the Superintendent

Welcome to Centennial School District #12!

Brian Dietz is starting his tenth year as a superintendent and his third year at Centennial.  During his tenure, the District passed the largest levy in history, approximately a $50 million ask which renovates and reimagines all schools throughout the District.  Beyond this milestone, the District has fully implemented its new brand which can be seen throughout our communities.  The District has successfully fulfilled the 2011/2012 Strategic Plan and is looking forward to engaging an inclusive process in the next year.  With vibrant university and business partnerships, new initiatives, and the continued high academic achievement, Centennial Schools is a destination for all learners. 

Prior to coming to Centennial, Dietz served as the superintendent in Waseca for three years.  While there, the District passed a levy that added value and built a strong financial portfolio for future success.  In addition, the District wrote its first Strategic Plan, accomplishing all of the goals prior to his departure.  Furthermore, the District rebranded itself and re-energized pride in the schools.  Finally, Dietz helped lead the development of a regional training consortium that spurred rich, collaborative professional development for staff. 

Before that, Dietz worked in California as a superintendent, a middle school and high school administrator, and a teacher.   He also was an adjunct faculty member for Chapman University/Brandman University for approximately nine years instructing in teacher and administrative courses. 

Dietz has presented at numerous regional, state, and national conferences.  He and his family are in the Centennial Schools and reside in the community.  When asked about what the best part of the Centennial is, he quickly states it is the people. That's the fundamental reason why Centennial is a great place to be.