Gifted Services Staff

Pat Christiansen

Gifted Services Coordinator
  • District Gifted Services Programming operations
    • Coordinate and support the services delivered by resource teachers
    • Set meeting schedules and agendas
    • Facilitate monthly staff meetings
    • Facilitate the process for identifying students’ needs for services
    • Manage the Gifted Services budget
    • Attend or present at meetings as requested
  • Curriculum and Programming
    • Represent or appoint a person to represent Gifted Services on curriculum and/or task force studies
    • Coordinate applicable curriculum, assessment, and staff development efforts
    • Coordinate staff development opportunities with Teaching and Learning Staff
    • Facilitate task force studies as needed
    • Work collaboratively with building and district administrators to ensure that students’ needs for programming are met
  • Centennial High School
    • Coordinate Honors, Advanced Placement, and College in the Schools Programs
    • Develop and facilitate the assessment processes for PLAN, PSAT, Accuplacer, and Advanced Placement tests
    • Consult with the high school counselors and teachers regarding the individual needs of gifted and high achieving students
  • Community at Large
    • Serve as an advocate for Gifted Services Programming
    • Prepare reports or articles for publication as requested
    • Connect with region, state, and national organizations focused on the needs of gifted students
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Cheryl Dettmer

Gifted Services Resource Teacher (RLE)
Dettmer photo

Christine Manning

Gifted Services Resource Teacher (BHE/CVE)
763-792-5871 (CVE) 763-792-6231 (BHE)
Manning photo

Kelly Marciano

Gifted Services Resource Teacher (BHE)
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Emily Peterson

Gifted Services Resource Teacher (BHE)
Emily Peterson photo

Stephanie Roloff

Gifted Services Resource/FACS Teacher (CMS)
Roloff photo

Cyrena Schroeder

Gifted Services Resource Teacher (CTE/GLE)
763-792-5982 (GLE) 5367 (CTE)
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