Teaching & Learning Staff

Scott Johnson

Executive Director of Teaching and Learning
Scott Johnson

Margaret Kindle

Administrative Assistant (Teaching & Learning)
Margaret Kindle photo

John Bergeland

Literacy Coordinator, District
  • ELA Standards Alignment K – 12
  • Content Area Literacy
  • CERF, Title 1, Read Well by Third Grade
  • Staff Development
  • Alternate Delivery Gran (CERF, AIMSWeb)
  • Curriculum Reviews (Language Arts, Social Studies, Science) and others as needed
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Pat Christiansen

Gifted Services Coordinator
  • District Gifted Services Programming operations
    • Coordinate and support the services delivered by resource teachers
    • Set meeting schedules and agendas
    • Facilitate monthly staff meetings
    • Facilitate the process for identifying students’ needs for services
    • Manage the Gifted Services budget
    • Attend or present at meetings as requested
  • Curriculum and Programming
    • Represent or appoint a person to represent Gifted Services on curriculum and/or task force studies
    • Coordinate applicable curriculum, assessment, and staff development efforts
    • Coordinate staff development opportunities with Teaching and Learning Staff
    • Facilitate task force studies as needed
    • Work collaboratively with building and district administrators to ensure that students’ needs for programming are met
  • Centennial High School
    • Coordinate Honors, Advanced Placement, and College in the Schools Programs
    • Develop and facilitate the assessment processes for PLAN, PSAT, Accuplacer, and Advanced Placement tests
    • Consult with the high school counselors and teachers regarding the individual needs of gifted and high achieving students
  • Community at Large
    • Serve as an advocate for Gifted Services Programming
    • Prepare reports or articles for publication as requested
    • Connect with region, state, and national organizations focused on the needs of gifted students
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Jane McDonald

Professional Learning and Curriculum Coordinator
  • Mentorship
    • Meeting agendas and meeting facilitation
    • Design program components and evaluation in collaboration with T&L team
  • Systems accountability
    • Meeting agendas and meeting facilitation
  • Staff development
    • Design and coordinate district days in collaboration with T&L team
    • Review and help integrate building level activities
    • Meet with district committee
    • Attend building level committee meetings as available
    • Complete annual staff development report per state reporting requirements
    • Provide small group professional learning opportunities for staff in the areas of science and STEM related fields
  • Curriculum
    • Coordinate ordering and distribution of materials
    • Coordinate and facilitate review of Social Studies standards and curriculum
    • Coordinate and facilitate review of Technology standards and curriculum
    • Coordinate and facilitate review of science programs grade K-12
    • Facilitate curriculum writing activities and professional learning to improve instruction
    • Complete annual curriculum, assessment and instruction report per state reporting requirements
    • Provide continuing support of Elementary Science curriculum implementation
      • STEM(STEAM)
    • Provide instructional support to science, math and technology teachers in grades 6-12 in design and implementation of integrated STEM units and/or project-based learning experiences
  • Homeschool program
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Jessica Speed

Math Facilitator
  • Design and lead staff development and networking around mathematics for teachers and principals.
  • Organize and lead mathematics transition meetings with selected elementary, middle and high school teachers.
  • Meet with teachers and administrators surrounding resources and best practices in mathematics instruction through both formal and informal curriculum review.
  • Organize and lead on-going curriculum mapping in mathematics including writing, sharing and continuous review of grade level documents.
  • Assist in the collection and disaggregation of mathematics common assessment and standardized assessment data in support of district efforts to improve learning for all students.
  • Organize and lead staff development surrounding teacher and student readiness regarding accountability assessments and their implications.
  • Participate in metro area and state level staff development opportunities regarding mathematics instruction, standards and best practices.


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Nancy Oberg

Secretary of Teaching and Learning
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