Goal Area 1: All Students Ready for Kindergarten

Background Information

The Early Childhood program, serving students from birth to kindergarten entry, helps children develop the skills necessary to be successful in school and in life through guided play, interaction with peers, and parent/child activities. The Parent and Family Education program supports families through classes, speakers, handouts, and parenting sessions. Kids Club is a district program that provides safe, stimulating, high-quality before and after school care for children grades K-5. Other programs include KC Preschool for 4 year-olds, and a summer program for middle school students called Adventure Camp.

  • Student Enrollment. The number of students served in the ECSE program has increased. In the spring of 2015 there were 178 students who were enrolled in ECSE. Students who are assessed and eligible for early intervention services are more prepared when entering kindergarten. This is a 27% increase from the spring of 2014. Enrollment in KC (Kids Club) Preschool (a full- day preschool experience the year before kindergarten) has increased or stayed steady over the past four years. In 2012-13, 75 children enrolled in KC Preschool; in 2013-14, 109 children participated, in 2014-15, 99 children participated (overall enrollment was capped due to being moved to smaller classrooms); in 2015-2016, 113 children participated, and in 2016-2017 125 students are participating in KC Preschool. This is a 10% increase from 2014-2015 school year.  We anticipate increased enrollment for the 2016-17 school year as we will have additional space.

  • Curriculum. KC Preschool is Parent Aware certified and it uses Creative Curriculum, which is approved and rated by Parent Aware to ensure kindergarten readiness.

  • Professional Development. The district has also made progress in providing professional development opportunities for our Early Childhood staff. These staff members are included in all district staff development activities and additional training is provided through the Department of Teaching and Learning, including strategies training that is part of the district’s Read Well by 3rd Grade initiative.


2015-2016 Performance Indicators

  • Observations of Home Daycare Providers. Select home daycare providers receive home visits from an ECFE family educator. These providers have reported an increase in knowledge of learning and developmentally appropriate practices as they relate to children’s school readiness. These providers also reported an increase in communication with parents concerning their child’s readiness skills.

  • Parenting Support. When surveyed during 2015-16, 95% of parents stated KC Preschool had been a positive experience for their families. Additionally they have indicated changes in parenting that would impact their child’s readiness for school, including understanding their role in their child’s education, using activities for learning, and finding resources and support to help them in their role. 

  • 93% of KC Preschool families surveyed felt KC Preschool is helping their child be fully or mostly prepared for Kindergarten with the skills and behaviors necessary to be successful.

  • Individual Growth and Development Indicators. School Readiness Preschool and ECFE utilize the IGDIs (Individual Growth and Development Indicators) assessment tool. Goals are developed each year to maximize student growth and achievement. The 2015-16 goal is as follows: Children participating in ECFE and ECSE who are eligible to attend kindergarten by 9/1/16 will increase their skills in the area of literacy. Final data will show an increase of 11.3% average growth from fall 2015 to spring 2016 on the lowest growing sub-strands from 2014-15 test data, Picture Naming and Letter Sounds. ECFE results for 2015-16 results can be seen below.


Fall Mean

Spring Mean

% Increase

Picture Naming








Letter Sounds




Doesn’t Belong




  • Desired Results Development Profile – Preschool. KC Preschool partners with Centennial Early Childhood to use the assessment tool Desired Results Development Profile-Preschool (DRDP-PS) to measure student growth throughout the year. The DRDP Assessment is based on a developmental level on a growth continuum with Exploring (discover of skills) being early development, to Building (mastery of skills coming soon) being mid-level development and Integrating (mastery of skills) being high level of development. KC Preschool has placed this assessment tool in a parent-friendly bound book format. This book is sent home twice a year for parents to monitor their child’s progress and then families are given the book at the end of the school year. Families are encouraged to use this assessment tool to partner with us in their child’s education.Assessment is completed bi-annually: fall and spring. In 2015-16, all preschoolers showed growth in all areas (see graphs below).

      • Self-regulation skills – 83% proficient

      • Self and social development – 90% proficient

      • Language and literacy development – 88% proficient

      • Mathematical and science development – 92% proficient

      • Physical development – 94% proficient

      • Social science – 86% proficient

      • Visual and preforming arts – 83% proficient.

Goals for 2016-2017

Our data show that not all students are ready for kindergarten on the first day of school in the Centennial School District, and we have more work to do this area. That being said, there are some proactive efforts we have undertaken to assist in closing this gap. Here is a summary of some for those efforts and the impact on kindergarten readiness

  • Preschool students will increase proficiency in language and literacy development from 2015-2016 to the 2016-17 school year as indicated by larger percentages in the Building and Integrating categories on the DRDP.


Systems, Strategies, and Supports for Improvement