School and District Professional Development

Professional Development Goals

All teachers, paraprofessionals and principals participate in a robust professional development program. This programming is designed to provide staff with the knowledge and skills they need to maximize their impact on student learning and the culture for learning. The goals of professional development represent a collaborative effort involving the Department of Teaching and Learning, all building principals, and a staff development teacher representative from each school. Staff development goals are aligned K-12 and focus on the central needs of our staff and the students they serve. The professional development goals for the 2016-2017 school year are as follows:

  • Educators engage students in meaningful relationships which increase students’ achievement and promote social and emotional growth.
  • Educators effectively collaborate with colleagues as members of vertical, grade level, subject area, specialization, and PLC teams.
  • Educators effectively use formative and summative assessment data to measure student progress and inform instruction.


2015-2016 District Professional Development Focus Areas

Diversity Awareness

    • Poverty and Socioeconomic Diversity
    • Cultural Competency in the Classroom
    • Gender Identity and Diversity
    • Race as a Social Construction

Grading Smarter, Not Harder Book Study (secondary teachers)

Schoology Training (elementary teachers)

Common Formative Assessments (CFA)

Collaboration time for implementation of CFAs

Grade Level Sharing of Student Work Samples (showing alignment between


2016-2017 Professional Development Focus Areas

Diversity Awareness

    • Importance of Recognizing Personal Context
    • Race Matters

Standards-based Mindset

Instructional Review Processes

    • PreK-5 Literacy
    • 6-12 Language Arts
    • 6-12 Mathematics
    • 6-12 Science
    • 6-12 Social Studies

District-wide Collaboration for K-12 specialist teachers

Special Education Forms Training




Staff Development Reports for 2015-2016