Interruption in Phone Service

Phone service is unavailable due to cabling and phone system replacement at Rice Lake Elementary, Golden Lake Elementary, Blue Heron Elementary, and Centennial Middle School. If you need to reach one of these schools, please communicate by email. If you have an urgent request, please call the District Office at 763.792.6000.

Community Ed Courses

Does your family qualify for free/reduced lunch through the district?  If so, your family is eligible to receive one $25 discount per family member per activity guide. Please contact Kim at 763-792-6100 for details.

Adult and Youth

You'll find youth and adult opportunities to transform yourself inside and out, with new knowledge, activities and adventures through Community Education.


Come develop a healthy respect for the water. Improve your swimming skills while having fun and learning to be water safe.

Driver Education

Offering classroom and behind-the-wheel instruction in mid-sized vehicles.

behind-the-wheel driver

Distribution of Material Request (pdf, 158 KB)

Requests for distribution of non-school materials or promotion/ endorsement of non-school activities are referred to the Community Education office for action and are not handled at the building level.

Distribution of Materials image