Teacher of the Year

Renee Dietz

Centennial Education Association (CEA) has selected Renee Dietz as the Teacher of the Year. Renee, an Early Childhood Special Educator, once read a quote that said “Don’t work for recognition—do work that is worthy of recognition,” and that is the motto she has always believed in. Renee will be nominated for state-wide honors through Education Minnesota in the fall. Congratulations, Renee!

As the CEA’s pick for Centennial Teacher of the Year, Renee will be a
candidate for Minnesota Teacher of the Year. Community members are
invited to help with the application by providing letters of support, which
can be mailed to Renee at 4707 North Road, Circle Pines, MN 55014.

Other teachers nominated for the Centennial honor were Dave Andrews, Blue Heron Elementary; John Cloues, Centennial Middle School; Dawn Grandstrand, Early Childhood; Dave DeWitt, Centennial High School; Karen Richtsmeier, Golden Lake Elementary.

2012-13 Teacher of the Year Sought (pdf, 50 KB)

Nominate a Centennial teacher for Teacher of the Year by March 22.

Every year the Centennial Education Association (CEA) selects a teacher to serve as a yearlong representative of all the teachers in the district.
Students, parents, Centennial staff, and friends of the schools are invited to help in the selection process by nominating a teacher they feel would be a good ambassador. Candidates must have five years of successful teaching experience in the district and have made contributions to their school, community, and profession.