Update: Centennial Schools CLOSED Tuesday, January 23

All schools are closed. All daytime programs are cancelled including:

Early Childhood Family/Special Education Programs
School Readiness Preschool
Kids Club
All Community Education classes and rentals are cancelled, except for swimming lessons and gymnastics at Centennial High School East Building.

The speech meet at Centennial Middle School is cancelled and will not be rescheduled.

List of Recipients of the Teacher of the Year Award

Centennial School District #12

Teacher of the Year

2017: Colleen Salay/Golden Lake Elementary
2016: Andrea Krueger/Centennial High School
2015: Julie Cross/Alternative Learning Center
2014: Sara Neibergall/Centennial Elementary
2013: Renee Dietz/Early Childhood
2012: Colleen Miller: Golden Lake Elementary
2011: John Bergeland/Middle School
2010: Dian Joseph/District-wide
2009: Chris Ripken, Centennial High School
2008: Taryn Flolid/Golden Lake Elementary
2007: Kathy Nickleby/Centennial Elementary
2007: Jen Wenzel/Golden Lake Elementary
2006: Sara Koehn/Golden Lake Elementary2005: Heidi Johnson/Middle School
2005: Heidi Johnson/Middle School
2004: Terri Siegienski/Centennial  High School
2003: Kevin Setterholdm/Middle School
2002: Kari Hanssen/Centennial Elementary
2001: Mary Roden/Middle School
2000: Marlee Eret/Centennial High School
1999: John Riley/Centennial Elementary
1998: Jon Anderson/Centennial High School
1997: Craig Sturlaugson/Junior High
1996: Melinda Goedke/Centennial High School
1995: Mary Carlson/Centerville Elementary, Rice Lake Elementary
1994: Curt Gutbrod/Centennial Elementary
1993: Jon Eret/Centennial High School
1992: John O'Brien/Centennial High School
1991: George Burr/Centerville Elementary
1990: Duane Carlson/Centennial High School
1989: Elizabeth Allen/Junior High
1988: Laurie Saxton/Centennial Elementary
1986: Greg VanAlstine/Golden Lake Elementary
1982: Russ Eklund/Centennial High School
1981: Merton Sheetz/Golden Lake Elementary
1980: Duane Ellertson/Centennial High School
1979: Betty Kaiser/Lovell
1978: Sandra Larson/Centennial Elementary
1976: Ronald Prazak/Junior High
1975: David Dobovsky/Centennial High School
1974: Janine Heggestad/Golden Lake Elementary
1973: Ethel Haugen/Centerville Elementary
1972: Chuck Roepke/Centennial High School
1971: Robert McMorran/Centennial High School
1969: Tom Kaluza/Lovell
1968: Doug Grannes/Junior High
1967: Gloria Kortmeyer/Junior High
1966: Charlene Behne/Lovell