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Stop when red lights are flashing

Minnesota law requires all vehicles, meeting or overtaking a stopped school bus to receive or discharge children and has an extended stop arm and flashing red signals, to stop no less than 20 feet from the bus when the bus is stopped. Failure to stop is a misdemeanor.

  • Flashing amber lights are a pre-warning that the bus is preparing to stop.
  • Flashing red lights and extended stop arm means that the bus is stopped to either load or unload school children. Remain stopped until the driver retracts the stop arm and extinguishes the flashing red signals.

Student Immunization Form (pdf, 97 KB)

You may either download and fill out this form or submit a printout of your child's immunizations from your doctor's office.

Student Wellness Policy (pdf, 95 KB)

What is the District's policy to provide a school environment that promotes and protects students' health, well-being and ability to learn by supporting healthy eating and physical activity?

Title VII Student Eligibility Certification (pdf, 16 KB)

Title VII Student Eligibility Certification

Unit 1 Reading Assignments (pdf, 152 KB)

Reading assignments are due the day of the test (September 19)

Upcoming Meetings

2016-2017 Meeting Schedule

The committee meets on Tuesdays:

October 25
November 22
December 13
March 28
May 23 (Meeting held in the Media Center at Centennial Middle School, 399 Elm Street, Lino Lakes.)

6:30 pm-7:30 pm.

Centennial District Office Conference Room
4707 North Road
Circle Pines, MN 55014

Vision Chart Practice (pdf, 351 KB)

This chart can help your child practice before his/her vision screening. 

Waiver/Exemption Form (pdf, 86 KB)

If you choose to waive the requirement of Early Childhood Screening for your child as a conscientious objector, complete this form and mail to the address provided. 

When is my Community Education Class? (pdf, 662 KB)

Cannot remember the details for a class you are registered for or when the next class will take place?  Here's some simple instructions on how to locate that information in your Eleyo (aka FeePay) account.