Menu Prices for 2013-2014

Elementary Lunch$ 2.50
Secondary Lunch$ 2.70
Reduced Lunch$   .40
Milk (half pint)$   .55
Adult Meal / Non-Student$ 3.70
Lunch Entreé$ 2.20

Menu is subject to change without notice.

All meals include milk.  Lactose free milk is available upon request.Products have been made in district kitchens or food production plants where milk, eggs, soy beans, tree nuts, peanuts and other ingredients are used.


Breakfast Menu - grades K-8

Breakfast is offered in all the elementary schools as well as the middle school and high school-east building.

breakfast photo

Secondary Schools Alternate Food Choices

Chef salad and combo line is available in seconday schools and, depending on the school, there are ala cart items, a hamburger line, pizza line and hot soup. In addition to the main line students can select from the Cougar Line menu. The menu changes regularly at the middle school.

Apple and Sandwich photo