Update: Centennial Schools CLOSED Tuesday, January 23

All schools are closed. All daytime programs are cancelled including:

Early Childhood Family/Special Education Programs
School Readiness Preschool
Kids Club
Community Education programs for youth and adults.
School facilities will not be open for evening community rentals.

Nutrition Information for Breakfast Items

2016-2017 Nutrition Information for Breakfast Items Served at Centennial Schools

Breakfast Rounds - Cinnamon (pdf, 360 KB)
Cocoa Puffs Cereal Bar (pdf, 775 KB)
Eggo Bites Cinnamon Waffles (pdf, 122 KB)
Eggo Mini Waffles (pdf, 164 KB)
French Toast Cinnamon Rush (pdf, 53 KB)
French Toast Sticks (pdf, 51 KB)
Funnel Cake (pdf, 63 KB)
Golden Graham Cereal Bar (pdf, 775 KB)
Honey Nut Cheerios Cereal (pdf, 774 KB)
Lucky Charms Cereal (pdf, 774 KB)
Maple Blueberry Waffles (pdf, 339 KB)
Mini Pancakes (pdf, 202 KB)
Pancake Wraps (pdf, 144 KB)
Petite Cinnamon Rolls (pdf, 62 KB)
Snack Waffles (pdf, 348 KB)
Trix Cereal (pdf, 775 KB)
Turkey Sausage Breakfast Pizza (pdf, 433 KB)