Interruption in Phone Service

Phone service is unavailable due to cabling and phone system replacement at Rice Lake Elementary, Golden Lake Elementary, Blue Heron Elementary, and Centennial Middle School. If you need to reach one of these schools, please communicate by email. If you have an urgent request, please call the District Office at 763.792.6000.

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Child Development

The following links have parenting information, resources, and activities to help your child grow, develop, and learn.

Developmental expectations and ideas for activities: or call 1-866-693-4769
        What's it like to be 3 years old?
        What's it like to be 4 years old?
        What's it like to be 5 years old?

Kindergarten readiness:
        Starting School Ready to Succeed - Skills kindergarten teachers are looking for when children start kindergarten - Take a 5-minute quiz to see if your child is reaching the developmental milestones that lead to school readiness

Read about ways you can help build school readiness skills in your child:
       Social and emotional skills
       Self-care skills
       Large motor skills
       Small motor skills
       Math skills
       Reading skills
       Writing skills
       Listening and speaking skills

Language/literacy development

       Typical Language Development
        Vocabulary Development
        Language Development in Internationally Adopted Children


   Games for Learning