Early Childhood Screening

Minnesota law requires Early Childhood Screening (ECS) before a child can enter kindergarten. ECS is a check of a child's hearing and vision, weight and height, health history, immunizations, speech and language, general development and motor skills. Screenings are held seven times per year at St. Mark Church on North Road in Circle Pines. Screenings are free and offered once during a child's preschool years.

The district typically screens children before they turn 4 years old. If you have not been called prior to your child's fourth birthday, please send an email to ecscreening@isd12.org or call and leave a message at 763-792-5719 to schedule an appointment.  District census information is used to identify and call parents for screening appointments. Parents new to the district or parents with a new baby are invited to call 763-792-6178 to make sure they are on the census.

Please don't wait until a child is five to have them screened. Screening identifies children who may have health or developmental concerns and allows for appropriate assistance as early as possible. This assistance helps children get off to a good start when they enter school. Parents gain information about their child's health and overall development at screenings, in addition to available resources that help children grow. Please note that screening is NOT a readiness test for kindergarten.

For information please call Renee Dietz at 763-792-6134 or Donna McKenny at 763-792-5212.