Update: Centennial Schools CLOSED Tuesday, January 23

All schools are closed. All daytime programs are cancelled including:

Early Childhood Family/Special Education Programs
School Readiness Preschool
Kids Club
All Community Education classes and rentals are cancelled, except for swimming lessons and gymnastics at Centennial High School East Building.

School Readiness Preschool

** There are NO daytime OR evening classes on Tuesday, January 23 due to inclement weather. Classes will resume as normal on Wednesday, January 24. Thanks!**


School Readiness Preschool is for children who are three, four, and five years of age. The goal of School Readiness Preschool is to help preschoolers enter school with the skills and behaviors necessary to be successful in future learning.

It is a priority of School Readiness Preschool to involve parents in their child's education. Research has shown that early childhood programs that involve parents and children learning together are more effective than programs that only focus on the child.

The Centennial School Readiness Preschool has part-day, full-day, and evening classes available. Through guided play, group time, and social interaction, children will work on listening, personal and social development, language and literacy, problem solving, and math skills. All classes are taught by licensed early childhood teachers using curriculum and assessment tools approved by the State of Minnesota. Our preschool recently earned a 4 Star Parent Aware Rating. 

2018-19 School Readiness Preschool Registration Information 

Registration begins February 1! This year registration will be online using your Eleyo account. 

Please note that all School Readiness Preschool classes are held at the Early Childhood Center at Rice Lake Elementary, including the Monday evening class.

2018-19 SRP Registration Information (pdf, 238 KB)

Click here for our brochure with SRP Registration Information. Registration opens on Eleyo on February 1!

School Readiness Tips

Read our monthly newsletter for tips on preparing your child for kindergarten.

Preschool Options through Centennial School District (pdf, 190 KB)

Learn more about School Readiness Preschool and KC Preschool options through the Centennial School District!