Interruption in Phone Service

Phone service is unavailable due to cabling and phone system replacement at Rice Lake Elementary, Golden Lake Elementary, Blue Heron Elementary, and Centennial Middle School. If you need to reach one of these schools, please communicate by email. If you have an urgent request, please call the District Office at 763.792.6000.

Have a Wonderful Summer! See you next year!

School resumes on Monday August 31st for grades 1-5 and September 1st for Kindergarten students.

Spring at GLE

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Golden Lake Elementary prepares students for life by inspiring them to grow academically, emotionally and socially.

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WInter is here...How do I know if School is Closed?

School Closing Broadcasts 

An annoucement of a school closing or delayed start is usually posted by 6:00 a.m. Families are notified via:

-Twin Cities televsion stations

-Information posted on District Web-site at

-Calling district or school office for recorded message 

-An "alert notification" which is sent to families by telephone and email through the distirct school messenger system. A message will be sent to all numbers you have listed in your contact information. 

The most typical reason for closing school or delaying the start of school are related to snow and cold. Students must be able to arrive at school saftey, whether by bus, car, or walking. The amount of snow, temperature, wind chill and passable roads are among the many factors considered. The choice to cancel school is never easy or taken lightly. 

Fire Department Visit Golden Lake


 Centennial Lakes Fire Department visited Golden Lake on Friday, October 24th. Firefighter, Pete Johnson, met with classes and provided instruction about fire safety. He also described what the firefighters use for equipment and how it works. A few lucky teachers even got to try the suits on. The highlight of the visit was Mr. Johnson taking the classes on a tour of the fire truck (outside and inside). 

Eagle Nest Video News


             Video announcements from Golden Lake Elementary!

Golden Lake Promotes Anti-Bullying Month



October was Anti-Bullying month. Golden Lake facilitated a week of activities with the student body to bring awareness and education to this topic. Some of the activities were: students made footprints and posted them around the school to “stomp out” bullying, students received buttons, we brought awareness by wearing orange, students signed the peace pledge, students were introduced to our “buddy benches,” we produced a video about the topic, and wore sweatpants to signify that standing up to bullying is “no sweat.” 

Reward School (pdf, 81 KB)

Golden Lake Receives State’s Highest Honor and Named “REWARD SCHOOL” by MN Department of Ed.

This month the MN Department of Education released the latest round of school ratings. The ratings are called Multiple Measurement Reports (MMR). The ratings are based on the state standards tests in reading and math called the MCA. Students in grades 3-5 take these tests each spring. The MMR rating is broken into three categories:


Proficiency = This measures the number of students who meet grade level standards on the MCA assessment.

Growth = This compares each student to his/her growth from year to year. It also compares your student to other students who received the same score in the prior year and measures their growth respectively.

Gap Reduction = This compares the state average test scores to our sub-groups. Examples of sub-groups are ethnicity, special education, free & reduced lunch, etc. It compares your sub-group scores to overall state averages. It will determine if the achievement gap is being closed in these sub-groups.  



Principal's Page


Our Golden Lake community is excited to continue our legacy and outstanding success.Golden Lake continues its rich tradition as we prepare students for life by inspiring them to grow academically, emotionally, and socially.

Based on our latest data, Golden Lake Elementary remains a “top notch” learning institution. We are recognized as a Reward School by the MN Department of Education. Our results show math and reading scores that are far above state averages and neighboring districts. In fact our MMR score is in the top 3% of all schools in the state of MN. This is based on the state standards test called the MCA. Not only do our students score at a high proficiency level, they also grow at a rate higher than average. We are proud to share these amazing results as high achievement embodies the work and success of Golden Lake Elementary.

Not only does Golden Lake offer programs that result in academic growth, it also intentionally focuses on the whole child. This includes its focus upon social and emotional growth in addition to its high achievement. Programs range from embedded lessons in the general classroom to small groups that focus on individual topics. The mission of these programs is to address social and emotional needs so students can be “ready to learn” in the classroom. Other programs that share these goals are our mentorship program, ready buddies program, and after school programs.

Our Golden Lake family wishes you a wonderful school year ahead. As always, don’t hesitate to call and ask about any of our school offerings or programs.

In Partnership,

Mr. Gerst

Golden Lake Elementary Bus Routes (pdf, 58 KB)

Students are to arrive at bus stops approximately five minutes prior to scheduled stop time. Bussed students may walk up to 1/2 mile to a bus stop (if the bus stop is more than 1/2 mile from your home, please call the transportation office at 612-789-5143).