Update: Centennial Schools CLOSED Tuesday, January 23

All schools are closed. All daytime programs are cancelled including:

Early Childhood Family/Special Education Programs
School Readiness Preschool
Kids Club
All Community Education classes and rentals are cancelled, except for swimming lessons and gymnastics at Centennial High School East Building.

The speech meet at Centennial Middle School is cancelled and will not be rescheduled.

Rice Lake Music News

Rice Lake Music News

The following is a summary of what students learned in music class during the month of December:

Kindergarten:  In December, the Kindergarten students worked really hard on songs for the holiday program!  All classes learned “Jingle Jingle Jingle,” “Little Packages,” “Rudolph,” “Comin’ Down the Chimney,” “Santa Claus is Coming to Town” and “We Wish You a Merry Christmas.”  Each class also worked on a song that they sang by themselves.  They were so excited for the program as well as the holiday season!

Grade 1:  First graders have been working with the beat as we sing holiday and winter songs.  They learned a song called “We are Little Candles” where the melody went down in the same way that a candle melts.  We played the melody on instruments.  We also sang a song for Hanukah called “Burn Little Candles.”  We talked about the holiday and how the word Hanukah means “festival of lights.”  We spent time with the song “Must Be Santa.”  We learned about the silent beat which is called a rest.  Students played the rhythm pattern that includes the rest on sticks while singing the song.

Grade 2:  Second graders learned about half notes, half rests and the symbol at the beginning of songs that tells us how many beats are in a measure.  We sang “She’ll be Coming ‘Round the Mountain,” which had two beats in and measure “Up on the Housetop” (which had four beats in a measure) and “Hanukah Song.”  We also learned about verse and refrain as well as ABA form.  We learned a dance for “Hanukah Song” and played an instrument pattern that uses quarter and half notes.

Grade 3:  In December, we studied meter in music.  We discovered the meter in the songs “Frosty the Snowman” and “Hanukah.”  The students understand that the number at the top of the meter signature tells how many beats are in a measure.  We can determine the meter of a song by feeling the beat and the heavy beat.  The heavy beat is the first beat of the measure. 

Grade 4:  After doing some Recorder Karate testing on “Au Clair de la Lune” and “French Lullaby,” we went on to learn a new note on the recorder:  low E.  We found that note in the song “Before Dinner” and in “Acka Backa.”  We also learned to play low D with an ostinato on “Canoe Song.”  Now that the students know, D, E, G, A and B, they can play the song “Jolly Old St. Nicholas!”  I hope they worked on that song during Winter Break!  We will begin learning songs for our music program (March 22nd!) after winter break!

Grade 5:  After finishing playing “Billy Billy” on Orff instruments, we learned about the instruments of the orchestra in preparation for our field trip to Orchestra Hall on January 18th.  We also began a seasonal theme singing songs like “Winter Fantasy” and “Mama Bake the Johnny Cake.”  With these songs, we explored the concept of syncopation and found a syncopated pattern in the songs.   We clapped several different syncopated patterns to further explore the concept.  Some of the classes will have time to end our study of syncopation by playing conga drums with the song “Mama Bake the Johnny Cake.”