Team 702

Team 702:  Ms. Karth, Mr. Sauer, Mrs. Downs, and Mr. Gould


Web Tools for Parents and Students

  • Math Resource:  Students can access textbook, practice tests and quizzes, and lesson tutorials.


  • Frequently check Schoology for links to assignments and documents


Respect, Attitude, and Materials = RAM

  •  Students are expected to have pencils, pens, a SSR book, notebook, and folders for each class.
  • It is a team expectation that all students treat one another and all teachers with respect and a positive attitude.
  • RAM points may be deducted for classroom misbehavior and lack of materials.


Late Work & Missing Assignments

  • Parent signatures will be requested on late assignments.  Points will be deducted on the late assignments, unless an extenuating circumstance exists.
  • Remember to check the Parent Portal weekly for current grades and missing assignments.
  • Check the teacher webpages for extra copies of documents and class notes.
  • Contact the teachers with additional questions.



  •  Expect a minimum of 1 hour of homework each day
    • Math assignments, individual reading time (SSR), vocabulary study guides & weekly quizzes, etc. 
    • Expect to have the agenda available electronically on Friday afternoons with the upcoming week’s assignments, projects, and tests.
Abbey Bliss - Language Arts Teacher (CMS) - - Main: 763-792-5572
Ellen Downs - Math Teacher (CMS) - - Main: 763-792-5574
Christian Gould - Social Studies Teacher (CMS) - - Main: 763-792-5571
Mary Macken - Counselor (CMS) - - Main: 763-792-5409
Linda Murphy - Special Education Teacher (CMS) - - Main: 763-792-5592
Joe Sauer - Science Teacher (CMS) - - Main: 763-792-5575