Centennial Performing Arts Center

Authorization for bonding to build the Performing Arts Center (PAC) was one outcome of the November 1990 General Election. The cost of the PAC was $1.8 million (which was $300,000 less than the $2.1 million authorized for the project).

Groundbreaking was held in March of 1992. The delay was due to reworking of the project, which came in over budget on the first bidding. The building was dedicated on Dec. 13, 1992. The first event held in the PAC was Centennial High School’s staging of the musical “Oklahoma,” Dec. 17-19.

The PAC features:

  • Seating for 550
  • Computerized stage lighting control system
  • Air conditioning
  • Catwalk accessible lighting position
  • Acoustically transparent false proscenium stage allowing a variety of stage sizes and configurations (the proscenium is the space between the curtain and the orchestra)
  • Modified, expandable counterweight fly system

Use during the school day – As a classroom for band and choir 2-3 days in advance of all concerts. Used for rehearsals for groups conducting evening performances, speakers for large groups of students, weekly homeroom meetings.

Use before/after school – Drama rehearsal, high school staff meetings, cheerleading practice in the lobby when there is a cheerleading square (none for 2008-09).

Evening or weekend use – High school band and choir concerts (32), elementary programs (various music, drama and/or grade level programs), the fall musical takes up three weeks of use plus four performances, one-act play takes place in January and may include a performance, spring 3-act play takes up three weeks of use plus four performances, hosting section music contest, elementary music festival, Homecoming and prom festivities, blood drive, informational meetings (kindergarten, financial aid, academic awards, etc.) and Centennial Community Band.
Outside group rentals include annual business meetings, dance recitals, election polling site, piano recitals, community events, political meetings.

By the numbers – In 2007-08, there were 287 students in band, 209 in choir, 102 in the fall play, 15 in the one-act, and 16 in the spring play. Choir and band concerts, and plays (depending upon the production) fill the PAC. In just these three areas, nearly 10,000 students and/or audience members use the PAC (six plays with 500-member audience, 2 senior previews with 200 attendees, 1 one-act play with 300 attendees, 18 concerts with 70 students participating totaling 1,260 students and 400 attendees totaling 7,200).