History of Individual Schools

The first recorded school held in the area that is now the Centennial District was in 1854 when classes were held in the F. X. Lavalle home.
This grew into Centerville District 5. In 1880, District 48 was organized near Golden Lake. There were several districts in the area that over time, were consolidated into these two which in turn were consolidated into District 240.
When the State of Minnesota organized the numbering of school districts in 1957, it became District 12. The community desired a name for the district that would represent all five of the communities served. Being that it was 1958, the Centennial year for Minnesota, it was decided to honor that celebration and adopt the name Centennial for the school district.

Centennial High School History

Centennial High School officially opened in 1962

1987 School of Excellence


Cougar head

Centennial Middle School History

The middle school opened in 1997 and was dedicated on April 26, 1998.

Centennial Junior High School History

The building was dedicated on March 7, 1958 as the South East Anoka County High School. However, classes ranging from first grade through tenth were held there. When the high school was built, it too was used for whatever grades needed a room. When the elementary school was built, this officially became the junior high school. Finally the elementary grades were in the elementary schools, the junior high grades were in the junior high and the senior high housed the senior high school students.

Blue Heron Elementary School History

405 Elm Street - Lino Lakes
Blue Heron opened in the fall of 2002 with 650 students in grades K-5.

Blue Heron Mascot

Centennial Elementary School

4657 North Road - Circle Pines
Centennial Elementary was built in 1963 as a K-6 school.

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Golden Lake Elementary School History

1 School Road, Circle Pines
Golden Lake Elementary opened in the fall of 1970 as an open school.

Golden Lake Elementary Mascot

Rice Lake Elementary School History

575 Birch Street, Lino Lakes
Rice Lake Elementary School was built in 1992.

Rice Lake Elementary School Mascot

Centerville Elementary School History

1721 Westview Street, Centerville
Serving the community since 1865.

Centerville Elementary School Mascot

Lovell Elementary School History

Lexington Avenue & Lovell Road, Lexington
District #48, organized in 1880.

District History

Items that pertain to the district or more than one school building.

Pines School

Pines School joined the Centennial district in May of 2012.