Front of Jr Hi building

Centennial Junior High School History

The community approved bond issues to build a 45 room junior/senior high school. On April 1, 1957 ground was broken to build this school. It opened for students in December, 1957 with William Mattke as principal.  This was the first building on the Centennial Campus. Lovell and Centerville had been the only schools in the district up to this point.   

A newspaper article dated March 15, 1960 states that the Centennial district has a junior high school that was completed in 1958, has a senior high partially done and plans to build an elementary school. Many of the local elementary age students attended classes in this Jr/Sr high building. This same article predicted the elementary school would be completed within three years.

The picture below shows Circle Pines in the 1960s. The school building can be seen in the distance,  Lake Drive is in the foreground. Most of the Centennial Campus was undeveloped land.

first school buildings
                                          A band rehearsal in the junior high school.

                          band concert in the old jr hi

The photo below was taken sometime after the ice arena was built in 1992, but before the middle school was built in 1997.

                        Junior High photo

In the fall of 1997, the junior high building became part of the high school (the East building) and the the sixth, seventh and eighth grade students moved into the new middle school.

Dr. Peggy Flathmann - co principal, 1993-98
Gene Peterson - co principal, 1987-93
Dr. Frank Neumann - co principal, 1987-1995
Dr. Frank Neumann, 1977-87
Glenn Matejka, 1969-73
Orville H. Gran - these last four are all listed as the principals in the dedication brochure, 3/7/1958
Raymond Huls
Allen W. Posthumus
William Mattke - Bill was contracted as director of secondary education from 1958 thru 1968. In June of 1969 his contract was as assistant superintendent, lasting until the end of the 1971-72 school year when he took the position of superintendent.

Centennial Junior High School Dedication Program

The Junior High School was dedication on March 7,1958