School Board Minutes Highlights

District #5 School Board Meeting Highlights:

Most meetings just approved the paying of bills. It seems that they only had one a year for many years.

March 27, 1869 - approved 10 months of school, 4 months during the summer beginning on May 1, and 6 months during the winter beginning on Nov. 1. (1870, & 1873 about the same, in 1875 they dropped it down to 6 months of school).

August 30, 1878 - Approved a levy of $100 for school expenses, and planned to raise $300 for teachers wages. School was to be held from September 2, 1878 to March 11, 1879.

October 29, 1879 - Rule 16 adopted - teachers could not use dangerous weapons to correct pupils.  A switch was to be the instrument of punishment. (on the hand or shoulders) Contracts to teach were approved for: E. W. Commy, Erlina Parenteau, W. H. Doyle, & Rosalina Tetseault.

September 1882 - Approved the purchase of two lots from Jas. Fomdeau and two lots from Dennis Bernier to build a school house on at a cost of $190.

July 16, 1887 - Paid bills and discussed a new school house.

August 6 1888 - Approved adding on to the school house, 16 feet back and to raise it 4 feet to put a proper foundation under it.

July 18, 1889 - Letter from the County Supt. of Public Schools commenting on the need for a new school building and complimenting the hiring of a French teacher.
Sept. 27, 1889 - Letter from Anoka County Supt. of Public Schools, they had to move the school house to the center of the district to comply with state law.

July 21, 1900 - The meeting was held at the school house, attended by J. N. Torcier, Jos Lamotte,  S. R. Dufrasne, Peter Dupre, Jos. O. Peltier, F. LaBelle, C. Langrin, Antoine Peltier, F.C. Scott. They passed motions to raise mone; $350 teacher wages, $150 repairs, $30 fuel, $10 books for the library, $50 furniture for a third teacher, and $150 for that third teacher. They also decided to have 9 months of school beginning on the second Tuesday of September.

May 11, 1901 - Discussed building a new 4 room school house not to exceed $3000.
June 10, 1901 - Decided on the site for the new school house - section 4 of the village of Centerville.

Feb. 2, 1904 - Discussed purchase of a furnace or stove.

Aug. 18, 1910 - Accepted bids for transportation and janitorial.

March 13, 1913 - Approved a bubble fountain.

Aug. 20, 1918 - Had already consolidated with Dist. # 46 and wanted to sell that property, and will accept Dist. #42 for consolidation.

May 12, 1919 - Resolution for bond ins the amount of $18,000 for a new building.

June 2, 1920 - Voted to accept consolidation with Dist. #58. Will sell of that property, $117 for the building and $50 for the land.

May 31, 1921 - Voted to change from a common district to an independent district.

April 2, 1924 - Paid bills, ordered a car load of coal - the children were expected to pay $1.50 each toward that.
Dec. 16, 1924 - Approved the purchase of carpet and paper to repair foot warmers and blankets in the buses.

Feb. 26, 1925 - Passed a motion to place the school on the graded list.

April 9, 1926 - Sewing was discontinued in the high school, would only be offered to the 8th grade and hot lunches would be discontinued.
Sept. 30, 1926 - The Potato Vacation will not be more than one week and after Oct. 1.
Oct. 28, 1926 - The state fire dept. issued requirements that doors open out and have panic bars.  And the outside stairs need rebuilt, they need a secure fire alarm gong, they planned to sell two stoves no longer used to pay for the upgrades.

March 2, 1927 - Planned to buy a gas engine and a lighting plant for $75.
Sept. 27, 1927 - Approved the purchase of an oil stove for the kitchen and a cook for hot lunches.

Dec. 19, 1929 - Had black boards installed, and put stoves in the buses.

May 6, 1932 - Will accept students from Dist. #56 - $30 per student.
July 19, 1932 - Finally got the building up to standard to be graded.

Dec. 30, 1933 - Approved $1426 to excavate the basement of the school house.

Mar. 12, 1934 - Approved plan to build an auditorium.
June 12, 1934 - Voted to obtain right of way to dig a sewer from the school to the creek.

Aug. 21, 1935 - Approved new desks for the high school.

Sept. 25, 1936 - Approved 1 dozen new desks and typewriters for the high school.

Aug. 29, 1937 - Approved purchase of 4 used radiators.
Sept. 30, 1937 - Will buy encyclopedias and will pay 1/2 of bus drivers insurance.

Aug. 29, 1939 - Will purchase a Ditto machine for $75.

July 25, 1944 - Discussed with Dist. # 48 & Dist. # 56 students coming to Dist. #5.

Sept. 11, 1945 - Will order material necessary to arrange a suitable football ground.

March 31, 1947 - O. C. Swanson appointed superintendent for 1947-48 to be paid $3300. High School teachers to be paid $2200 - $2400, elementary teachers to be paid $2000.

Aug. 10, 1950 - Will have 4 florescent lights installed.
Oct. 24, 1950 - Discussed consolidation with Dist. #52 & Dist. #20.

May 15, 1951 - Discussed need for new larger school house.

May 13, 1952 - Discussed consolation with White Bear Lake, or maybe Forest Lake. (at this time several meetings had discussed the building of a new school or adding on to the present one, a bond levy had been passed, the community wanted to rescind the bond levy due to this talk of consolidation)
June 25, 1952 - Contracted to send grades 9 & 10 to Mahtomedi.
Aug. 1, 1952 - Discussed building a new high school.

Aug. 27, 1953 - High school students to go to Forest Lake for 1953-54 school year.
Sept. 1, 1953 - Notice from the State requiring all school buses be equipped with a stop signal arm and flashing red lights. These were to be used on streets or highways not where there were curbs or sidewalks.
1953 - There was an injunction placed against the bonding for a new building, some citizens  claimed the election was not done legally.

Feb. 11, 1954 - Letter from White Bear, they will take grades 7, 8,9, & 10  for 1954-55.
Mar. 30, 1954 - Courts ordered that the district could go ahead with building a new school house.
March 9, 1954 - A survey was presented with the recommendation to disolve, sending students to Circle Pines, White Bear and Forest to assure high school facilities.
April 5, 1954 - Meeting with Circle Pines - Dist. #48- wondering if they would take students from Area III, Dist. #48 figured that Area III already belonged to them socially, so they would accept them.  (and at this time Dist. #48 stated they were considering a new building also, the added students would help that cause.)  Several letters/meetings followed considering splitting the district up between White Bear, Forest Lake and Circle Pines.
Nov. 13, 1954 - White Bear was to take Area III.
Dec. 21, 1954 - Letter from White Bear concerning Dist. #5 consolidating with them.. they wanted time to analyse and study the proposition. An undated newspaper article reported on the possible merging of Lovell Dist. #48 with Wilson Dist. #50, Woodcrest Dist. #6, & Fridley Dist. # 23.(this was tucked into the book containing these Dist. 5 board minutes)

Jan. 19, 1955 - Meeting at Lovell School to discuss consolidating part of district with consolidated districts 47 & 48, they wanted enough students to become an independent district.
April 12, 1955 - Approved purchase of an electric water heater.
April 28, 1955 - Resoultion to change boundary lines so White Bear would take over area II.
May 23, 1955 - Met with Forest Lake - what part of area III they would take over?
June 14, 1955 - Approved salaries, black top for backyard, noted there would be about 300 elementary students and 160 high school students to be bused.
Aug. 1955 - Lunch woud cost 20 cents and milk 5 cents. Coal for heat would cost $14.30 per ton.
Sept. 14, 1955 - Circle Pines was concerned about getting enough students to qualify as an independent district.  Proposed the joint district build a new elementary or secondary building.  Dist. 5 is delaying due to citizens looking to White Bear.
Nov. 1, 1955 - Approved new air condition system.
Nov. 30, 1955 - White Bear would not be able to accept area II, maybe later, they will continue to accept the secondary students from the area.  Dist. 5 planned to ask for meetings with Circle Pines and Forest Lake.
Dec. 8, 1955 - Circle Pines will take area II contingent on being able to make a new consolidated district.

June 19, 1956 - Reviewed a publication to go out to community urging them to vote for the merger of districts #5. & #48.

Feb. 26, 1957 - First time the merged district called itself district #240.

And this is the end of the Minutes of the School board of Dist. #5

















District # 20 - consolidated into #5

We have a few photos and some school board minutes from 1909 - 1944.

dist 20 school photo