District # 20 - consolidated into #5

Lenny SandellSchool Dist. 20 was established in 1868.  It was a one room building that housed eight grades, located on what is now Elm Street in Lino Lakes. The teacher lit a wood-burning, potbelly stove, students would pump water from a well each morning.  About 15 students attended the school in 1930.

The district consolidated into Dist. #5 and the school house was demolished in 1951.

Lenny Sandell attended the school in the late 1940's, and recently built a model of the school. 

Highlights from the Board Minutes:

1909-16 - One a year, each approved the paying of bills and routine maintenance.

June 1924 - Approved installing electric lights.

July 20, 1926 - Approved new black board, paint for the outside of building and a new chair for the teacher.

July 27, 1927 - Approved a new well.

July 28, 1918 - Approved new maps.

July 1933 - Discussed having at least three meetings a year.

July 1934 - Decided the treasurer would not be responsible for money if the bank went under.

July 1935 - Paint the school and install a light in the wood shed.

July 1936 - Buy playground equipment.

General maintenance issues thru June 1944.

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