Memories of former Golden Lake student/neighbor

I attended Golden Lake Elementary School in its first two years of operation. I have a vivid recollection of how that piece of land looked before it was built upon (Golden Lake School). It really was a rolling and idyllic landscape--a meadow with an old farm trail snaking through it that eventually ended in a turnaround at the peninsula jutting into Rice Creek, behind the school. That unpaved trail was even a kind of "Lovers Lane" in the 1960s. I remember feeling sadness when one day in August 1970, an army of earth movers descended on the land, and began tearing it apart. The amazing thing was that they completed the whole complex inside of one year!

When my family moved to the area in 1965, it was a neighborhood of just four homes on what was then called "the bay" of Golden Lake: #83 (my family), #87 (built by Orville Gran, then the Director of Business Affairs for District 12, #93 the Strands, #97 home of Marcy Roach and family. Marcy Roach was a longtime District 12 school nurse, and retired from the district sometime in the mid-90s I think. Her husband Jim was a builder who owned and developed many lots around Golden Lake throughout the 50s and into the early 60s. So it was not yet suburban around there--we had the place all to ourselves for a number of years. It really was a lovely spot.

Thanks to Steven Bloomfiled, Golden Lake Elementary, class of 1973