Golden Lake Elementary Historical Photo

Golden Lake Elementary School History

Golden Lake Elementary Photo
Remodeled entrance as of 2010


Golden Lake was originally built in 1970 as an open
school and transformed over the years as detailed below: 


1965The District 12 school board authorized the administration to purchase 14.3 acres of land south of Golden Lake ($1,500 per acre).
1970An open school was built ~ IGE (Individually Guided Education). Pilot School Indian artifacts were discovered during the building process.
1971-72First year for students; Richard (Buzz) Larson was principal.
1988Remodeled media center and added the reading corners and carpet.
Added four portable classrooms and two bathrooms.
1989Classroom partitions (walls) on upper level began.
1991Lower level classroom partitions/walls built creating 11 classrooms; re-roofed.
1995Duct air supply updated throughout the building.
1996Added new lockers and case work (wall partitions for upper level classrooms.)
New playground addition/updated original playground equipment.
1997Installed new phone system, cabling, email setup and technology head end room.
Remodeled front office area and replaced cedar fascia with metal.
2000Fire/Safety Remodel: Sprinkler system, exit signs and emergency lighting and upgraded boiler burners.
2003New lights and drop ceiling installed throughout the building, replaced main air handling unit, installed new air conditioning system, installed partial emergency management system.
Removal of portable classrooms and resurfaced black top area.
2004Tuck pointed eastside of the building and replaced window/frames in the cafeteria.
2007Replaced all windows and several doors.
Installed door between the two kindergarten classrooms.
2008Replaced flooring in the kindergarten rooms - half carpet/half tile.
Installed sidewalk on School Road for student drop off.
2009Replaced carpet in upstairs rooms.
2010Replaced carpet in lower level rooms.
Refurbished office entrance and main entrance lighting.
Library remodel, replaced carpet, computers, clerk's desk, and reorganized book shelving.

Memories of former Golden Lake student/neighbor

I attended (and lived across the street at 83 W. Gldn Lk Rd) Golden Lake Elementary School in its first two years of operation