Lovell Elementary School - about 1960

Lovell Elementary School History

The first classes held in District 48 took place in the kitchen of John Goldens' farm in 1880. The first school house was located near the intersection of Golden Lake Road and Lake Drive. In 1894 the school was moved to a site adjacent to the Mike Frischmon farm--they had 12 students. In 1900 a new school was built across the road, on the corner of Lovell Road and Lexington Avenue. There was only one teacher as late as 1947. In 1949 a three-room building was built on the present site of the Lovell Building. In 1952 eight rooms were added on to that building; in 1955 another 13 rooms were added; and in 1960 a kitchen, cafetorium and library were added. The high school students went to Marshall High School in Minneapolis in 1956 when Dist. 48 consolidated with Dist. 5. A newspaper dated March 15, 1960 stated that Lovell had 20 classrooms; a report dated May 1, 1966 adds there were 690 students attending Lovell.

In 1982 the school was closed. This decision was made based on costs of needed repairs
as well as declining enrollment.


1959-61 Ortwin Kolander
Mr. Posthumus
Orville Gran
First full time principal - Francis Fogerty

Lovell School Building Changes

Originally school was held in the Golden's farm kitchen, then a one room school house was built near the present site of the Circle Pines City hall.  This building was moved to Lexington Ave. near Lovell St. In 1900 a new school was built across the street where the Lovell Building now is.  In 1949 a new three room school replaced the original building. This seems to be the building that was simply added onto again and again, and is still in the Lovell building - somewhere? 

School Board Minutes Highlights

The district is in possesion of some board minutes from Dist. #48 from 1927 thru June 1930.

District #48 Teachers

Lovell teachers from 1886 thru 1950.