Lovell School Building Changes

Records indicate a one room school house built near Golden Lake (known as Little Sandy Lake at that time)  around 1887.
In 1894 the school was moved to a site near the present Lovell building - possibly across Lexington Ave.
In 1929 a tornado destroyed the school house and a new one room school was built.
1949 a three room building was built on the final site for the school.
In 1952 eight rooms were added to the original three room school house.
In 1955, thirteen rooms were added. 1955 Lovell addition.
Letter to residents concerning 1956 addition of gymnasium-auditorium.
Plan for 1956 addition.

In 1960 a kitchen, a library and a cafetorium were added.
March 2, 1961 they held a dedication of Lovell school to celebrate the new addition.