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Letter in Support of SF670 and HF618 for Property Tax Aid in Low-Property Wealth School Districts

As a stakeholder of the Centennial School District, thank you for your support. As you know, Centennial is a property poor district. When Centennial asks for voter approval on referendums, the lack of equalization drives up taxes in our communities. The bills addressing property tax aid provide necessary relief for me as a taxpayer. We ask for your continued support in this or any legislation that equals the playing field for all school districts in Minnesota.

I ask you to continue that passion and work within your caucus and with leadership to build support.

Thank you for all you do to support students, the future leaders of tomorrow.


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Contact Information for Legislators:


Senator Roger Chamberlain

95 University Avenue West
Minnesota Senate Building, Room 3225
Saint Paul, MN 55155


Representative Linda Runbeck

253 State Office Building
Saint Paul, MN 55155