2019 Construction Update

The approval of the operational levy in 2018 is the largest question with an escalator clause in Centennial’s history and approved the by largest margin of voters. Funding allows the District to stabilize and reinvest in our classrooms by bringing teachers and paras back at all levels.

Approval of the $22 million capital question in 2018 supports the District’s long-range facility plan and helps ensure safety and security for students and staff by enclosing the exterior hallway at the High School. Other projects include hockey arena expansion and renovation; relocation and new construction of the grounds building and new water main to the East High School building; expansion of the north parking lot and arena drive; remodel of the performing arts centers; district-wide technology project that replaces outdated classroom A/V; and the remodel of a wing at the High School in preparation for relocation of the Alternative Learning Center, the Woodlands, Journey, and the Adult Basic Education programs from leased space.