FREE Meals and Curbside Food Pick-Up for ALL Students

FREE meals for ALL children, ages 18 and younger, through curbside pick-up at Blue Heron, Centerville, Golden Lake, Rice Lake, Centennial Middle School, and Centennial High School as well as at designated bus stops throughout the district. See "Read More" for schedule information.

Click here for meal information and pick-up schedule.


The Centennial District Office includes the Superintendent, Teaching and Learning, Special Education, Business Services, Human Resources, Public Information and Community Outreach, Community Education, Buildings and Grounds, the Board Room, District Warehouse, Mailroom and Loading Dock.

Transportation oversight is provided via third parties working in tandem with the Centennial Business Office.

Brian Dietz - Superintendent - - Main: 763-792-6010
Scott Johnson - Executive Director of Teaching and Learning - - Main: 763-792-6007
Cori Sendle - Director of Community Education - - Main: 763-792-6101
Krista Bergert - Director of Public Information & Community Outreach - - Main: 763-792-6060
Tim Burton - Director of Buildings and Grounds Operations - - Main: 763.792.6016
Patrick Chaffey - Executive Director of Business Services - - Main: 763-792-6001
Mike Christensen - Director of Technology - - Main: 763-792-6146
Caleb Drexler Booth - Director of Curriculum and Instruction - - Main: 763-792-6020
Dan Melde - Director of Human Resources - - Main: 763-792-6009
Michelle L. Noha, RN, PHN, LSN - District Nurse - - Main: 763-792-5436; Fax: 763-392-6943