Goal 1 Subcommittee Meeting Notes

November 2, 2017

A report out of the status of work under Goal 1: Very few surveys were returned. As part of our goal to increase communication, The Observer is currently being sent to all businesses along with residents/tax payers. As an example, a free, dress rehearsal for the fall musical at the high school on November 8 is scheduled for community members, 55+. A social was planned by Community Education that evening, prior to the performance.  We have accomplished the goal of “identify, value, and engage as the community that is Centennial.” We’ve learned through this process is that people are aware of where to get district information when needed and wanted. The Goal One Committee will continue to work to collaborate with organizers of an “Alumni Night” at a sporting even this school year. Along with that, we will continue to work to engage the 55+ population 

Note: This subcommittee is combined with goals 3 and 7 as they each have similar outcomes.

June 12, 2017

The committee finalized surveys for alumni and residents in the community, age 55+. A team of volunteers at Music in the Park, at Golden Lake, will be on hand to survey attendees. These surveys will be used to start a database of and will be used to focus on what information would be useful for the district to collect to ensure we are serving these populations in meaningful ways. We also want to ensure we can provide needed feedback and follow-up. These surveys will also be used in the fall at other various events that are yet to be scheduled. The survey was included in the spring Community Education Senior Newsletter and in The Observer, the district's newsletter.

The next meeting will be held in the fall to see how the surveys are going and what other events we will attend in order to continue to reach these groups. Time and place of the fall meeting is to be determined.

March 22, 2017

The group reviewed the January meeting notes and received updates about the district and other groups that are working on similar goals. The committee discussed our older adult and empty nest population. The committee is working on a survey to be distributed in a variety of ways. Discussion was focused on what information would be useful for the district to collect in that survey to ensure we are serving this population in meaningful ways, as well as ensuring we can provide needed feedback and follow up. We are also looking to connect with Centennial alumni.  The committee gathered many good ideas that will be shared with the other committees and the district. Next meeting: A joint meeting with goal 3 and 7 subcommittees on May 10 at 4:15pm, High School Learning Commons (use main entrance).

January 11, 2017

The subcommittee met on January 11 and reviewed the matrix of communication tools and discussed the wide and varying ways the district communicates with the community. It was recommended that the district find out what the external stakeholders want to hear. There was also discussion about identifying groups that are important to the district, groups such as alumni and senior citizens. Next meeting: March 22 at 5:30pm, Rice Lake Elementary Media Center.