Distance Learning Continues for the Remainder of the School Year

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June 8: No meal service.
June 9: New meal service begins through June 30. See schedule here.

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Goal 3 Summary of Work Completed

An initial audit was performed by the district director of communications to determine all they ways in which we were currently communicating with stakeholders. The committee met and identified possible areas of need which included social media presence, digital signage, community opportunities for engagement and the district website as areas that could be improved. The goal subcommittee did research on those areas and determined that our best options were to streamline our website to make it more user friendly and create events to support communication with our senior citizen community. We are happy to report that the website has been updated to remove clutter and ensure that key elements, such as calendars, are easy to access. The district also organized coffee with the superintendent and student performances at local senior centers and the YMCA. The middle school shared portions of its fall play while the high school band and choir did holiday performances. Finally, the district performed complimentary grocery bagging at Circle Pines Festival and has plans to do this on a more regular basis. All these events have provided greater opportunities for the district to showcase what is happening in our schools and has supported greater communication.