Goal 5 Subcommittee Meeting Notes

November 9, 2017

The strategic planning committee for goal #5 (professional development) met on November 9, 2017 to review progress in the goal area, celebrate accomplishments, and identify next steps.

One theme that emerged in our conversation was the importance of communication. Engaging in this strategic planning offered a good opportunity to share the various processes and practices of building and district staff development committees including who are on the committees, how decisions get made, how communication and feedback is done, and how teachers can get involved and add their voice to the process. Additional successes include:

  • Wellness conversations are taking place in other areas of the district: insurance committee, Quality Steering Committee, building wellness.
  • Staff appreciated the time to meet as a strategic committee to share practices in their buildings and learn from others.
  • Early Childhood and paraprofessionals appreciated being included in district professional development, specifically referencing the Paul Bernabei presentation in the fall.
  • Early Childhood has also appreciated the collaboration with Kindergarten teachers and overall inclusion in the district.

Areas for continued focus include ongoing engagement in:

  • communicating how staff can use their voice and get involved;
  • conversations regarding contracts and calendars that impact professional development;
  • recognizing teacher leaders and connecting with these staff to share ideas, feedback, and concerns;
  • identifying wellness activities and topics, especially in regards to managing stress;
  • maintaining a focus on professional development that is inclusive, efficient, and relevant.

The next step for the committee is to convene again in the fall of 2018 to revisit progress in the goal area.

March 29, 2017

Members reviewed the 1-11-2017 meeting’s charge of gathering information from buildings across the district regarding professional development communication, membership, and decision making within the lens of the Wellness, Relevance, Inclusivity, and Efficiency.

Compiled professional development information from sites across the district was shared including:

  • Frequent membership of building staff development committees
  • Actions and Decisions commonly taken by committees
  • Methods of committees determining staff needs and arriving at consensus
  • Consistent platforms of communication and feedback
  • Inclusion models of specialists, Special Education, & Early Childhood
  • Common focus on staff social gatherings and health activities

A review of the district professional development process and site level alignment was included and timelines revisited as have been published by the district committee prior.

Committee members participated in small group reflection & review of information shared earlier in the meeting specific to Wellness, Relevance, Inclusivity, and Efficiency.  Members then followed up with recommendations individuals could bring back to their building committees.  Co-Chairs will share this information with site leadership.  Members were also highly encouraged to bring recommendations back to their sites as well and engage with their building committees and leadership.

Notes and Recommendations from Committee Members

Next meeting: October 24, 2017 at 4:15-5:15pm, High School Learning Commons (use main entrance).

January 11, 2017

The group reviewed the charge statement of Relevance, Efficiency, Wellness, and Inclusivity. They also reviewed current accomplishments and model of development in the District, Minnesota statutory requirements, and the Minnesota Department of Education guiding principles.

Group input centered on professional development needs for specialist and support staff as well as desire for a global picture of how professional development is created and communicated in buildings district-wide. Goals and tasks include getting more staff involved in building-level professional development planning. Members were tasked with discussing professional development within their professional learning communities and building groups for additional input.

Next meeting: March 29 at 4:15pm, Centennial High School Learning Commons.