Goal 7 Subcommittee Meeting Notes

March 14, 2017

The group reviewed the conversation started at the January meeting and received action strategies in progress made by the district based on their feedback.  The committee then broke into the following focus groups below to brainstorm and generate ideas for the district to consider moving forward.

#1 Senior citizens / elderly / empty nesters

#2 Volunteer coordinator

#3 Increase student involvement

#4 Finding ways to fund the outreach opportunities

#5 Business speakers

Ideas generated for each of these categories can be viewed in the following link: https://goo.gl/Ll9C3e


  • Goal 7 committee will meet again in May and combine with strategic planning groups 1 and 3
  • Share progress, coordinate efforts and align goals

The committee’s next meeting will be a combined meeting with committee goals 1 and 3 on May 10 at 4:15pm, High School Learning Commons (use main entrance).

January 16, 2017

The group examined current service opportunities and business partnerships that exist across the district.  The committee identified strengths of current connections as well as opportunities for growth.  The committee made several observations outlined below.

Next meeting: March 14 at 4:30 pm, High School West Learning Commons.


Overall the committee recognized that there are a lot of service projects in both the business and service areas.  There are many strong programs and projects in place that reach many facets of our community.

Opportunities for Growth

The committee identified areas, listed below, which could be expanded and improved.  These identified areas will be the focus for our next meeting:

#1  Senior citizens / elderly / empty nesters – Group will come up with ideas on how to make connections and get these community groups more involved in our schools.

# 2 Volunteer coordinator – Group will look at possible solutions of how this could happen whereas we would have someone in a centralized location coordinating efforts.

#3 Increase student involvement – Group will look at expanding the number of students that participate in service projects.

#4 Finding ways to fund the outreach opportunities – Group will consider expenses and look for creative solutions.

#5 Business speakers – Group will focus on community outreach ideas to expose students to different career opportunities.

The two ideas we are not having a focus group on are:

- Take partnerships to the next level – meaningful/ongoing. 

-We feel this will happen if we accomplish the above 5 areas.

- Toot our own horn – communication

- Strategic goal #3 is focusing on this task.