Update: Centennial Schools CLOSED Tuesday, January 23

All schools are closed. All daytime programs are cancelled including:

Early Childhood Family/Special Education Programs
School Readiness Preschool
Kids Club
All Community Education classes and rentals are cancelled, except for swimming lessons and gymnastics at Centennial High School East Building.

The speech meet at Centennial Middle School is cancelled and will not be rescheduled.

Goal 7: Develop a partnership between students and community on a service level and on a business level

Identify current partnerships and create new ones that connect us in many ways to our communities.

Committee Chairs:
Brian Dietz, Superintendent of Schools
Mike Christensen, Director of Technology
Kathy Zwonitzer, Director of Special Education

Committee Meeting Dates and Location
The committee's next meeting will be a combined meeting with goal committees 1 and 3 on May 10 at 4:15pm, High School Learning Commons (use main entrance).


Goal 7 Subcommittee Meeting Notes

Learn more about the work of the committee.