Goal 8: Develop a two-pronged approach to lobbying and fundraising

Establish a lobbying group to promote legislative changes and a fundraising group tasked with raising dollars for local initiatives.

Committee Chairs:
Tom Breuning, Principal, Centennial High School
Brady Hoffman, Executive Director of Business Services

Committee Meeting Dates and Location:
February 21 at 5:15pm, High School West Learning Commons (use main entrance)

Related Press: The Quad Community Press:  Legislators Commit to Helping Centennial with Key Issues (1/31/17)

How You Can Help Support our Schools!
The District has created a video to help illustrate why we ask voters to support our schools. Watch it here to learn more about how Centennial is funded.

We also need your help at the Capitol. Please see the website for legislator contact information and letters you can send in support of increasing the general formula and funding equalization—two very important priorities for Centennial. Centennial could receive about $1.1 million in additional funding if these bills are passed, and they will not raise property taxes.

Goal 8 Summary of Work Completed

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Goal 8 Subcommittee Meeting Notes

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