2016 Strategic Plan

On November 21 and 22, 2016, the Centennial School District engaged in a Strategic Planning process with the goal of setting a course for success in the future. For the first time in our district’s history, we facilitated a planning process that was inclusive of community members and district employees. More than 50 individuals collaborated on the plan and arrived at eight tangible goals that will reshape the district and move us into the future.

View a PowerPoint on the planning process and Centennial's Strategic Plan 2016.

How you can help shape the future of Centennial Schools?

We only get better working together. Sign up to serve on a committee. Be a voice in the room and interact with others in the community. Assist in putting together the strategies to achieve the goals. Contact Jody Josephson at 763.792.6010 for more information.

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Goal 1: Identify, value and engage the community

Identify our current practices, using surveys to determine what our communities want, and developing events that truly represent our community.

Goal 2: Analyze causes of the achievement gap and provide accessibility at all levels and for all stakeholders

Research current and best practices and implement new strategies to address the achievement gap.

Goal 3: Find strategic ways to communicate using staff, students, and community

Use a variety of strategies to communicate and connect with all stakeholders in our communities as well as developing others.

Goal 4: Establish a "Plan-Do-Check" model for all areas

Continue to evaluate, assess, and improve all systems within our organization. Ensure timely and concise communication to staff and stakeholders.

Goal 5: Professional development

Balancing  wellness vs. relevance, efficiency, and inclusiveness, continue to utilize our current professional development model while incorporating more voice in the process for all stakeholders.

Goal 6: Expand programming and infrastructure to address the vocational, college prep, and remedial needs of each student

Create a sub group to evaluate potential options in this area that aren't necessarily driven by cost.

Goal 7: Develop a partnership between students and community on a service level and on a business level

Identify current partnerships and create new ones that connect us in many ways to our communities.

Goal 8: Develop a two-pronged approach to lobbying and fundraising

Establish a lobbying group to promote legislative changes and a fundraising group tasked with raising dollars for local initiatives.