English Learner Exit Criteria and Reclassification

A.   Exit Measures and Reclassification

  1. The EL program uses state criteria to determine whether an EL student is ready to exit from the EL program.  As indicated, if a student meets the criteria of a composite score of 4.5 with no domain falling below a 3.5, they must be exited from services at the beginning of the following school year.  If a student has a composite of 4.5 with three of the four domains at least 3.5, then additional criteria should be used on the fourth domain to determine whether or not the student is proficient.
  2. Valid ACCESS test results must be used to determine eligibility for exiting a student.  If the student does not participate in testing or does not receive a valid score, the student cannot be exited from the program.
  3. The EL staff will reclassify the student as not EL in MARSS at the end of the school year.


B.   Communication of Exit Criteria and Procedures

  1. All exit procedures and criteria are located on the district website which can be translated through Google Translator
  2. Student Assistance Team meeting
  3. Staffings
  4. Team meetings (middle school/elementary schools)
  5. Conferences : offered 2 times /year
  6. Phone calls using Language Line interpreter service when needed and is offered to all staff who are educating EL students