English Learner Exit Criteria and Reclassification

A.  Exit Measures and Reclassification

1.  The EL program uses multiple measures to determine whether an EL student is ready to exit from the EL program. (See Entrance/Exit Criteria)  The order of importance is as listed on the entrance/exit criteria document. (See Entrance/Exit Criteria) As indicated, more emphasis is placed on objective measures such as the ACCESS for ELL, Minnesota Comprehensive Assessment (MCA) scores, and Measures of Academic Progress (MAP) scores.  Some subjective measures are also used.

2.  When an EL student meets the majority of the exit criteria and it is determined that the EL student has a language proficiency that allows him/her to access the general classroom curriculum, he will be exited from the EL program.

3.  The EL staff will reclassify the student as not EL in MARSS at the end of the school year.

4.  A student may be exited in the middle of a school year if there is indication that they have reached a language proficiency level that no longer prevents them from accessing the general curriculum as evidenced by a majority of exit criteria. The EL student will enter a period of transition.  He/she will not receive direct EL service but will be monitored to ensure classroom success.  If the student begins to demonstrate academic difficulties, the student can resume EL service.  If the student continues to perform at grade level, he/she will be reclassified at the end of the year.

B.  Exit Measures

1.  The EL program uses multiple measures to determine eligibility for exit  including:

     a.  ACCESS for ELL scores: Overall proficiency of 5.0 with no language domain below 4.0

     b.  MCA Scores Reading: Meet or Exceed

     c.  MAP Scores: Grade level norm (Elementary and Middle School)

     d.  GRAD Writing: 3 or above (Secondary)

     e.  Classroom performance: Evidence of grade level performance

     f.  CERF data: Average performance (Elementary)

     g.  Teacher recommendation

     h.  Parental input

C.  Exit criteria varies depending on the grade level of the student (See  Entrance/Exit Criteria)

D.  Communication of Exit Criteria and Procedures

1.  All exit procedures and criterion are located on the district website which can be translated through Google Translator

2.  Student Assistance Team meeting

3.  Staffings

4.  Team meetings (middle school/elementary schools)

5.  Conferences: offered 2 times /year

6.  Phone calls using Language Line interpreter service when needed and is offered to all staff who are educating EL students