Entrance/Exit Criteria


Only a student who has a completed Minnesota Language Survey (MNLS), participated in the grade-appropriate English language screening assessment, and has been identified as an English learner can be enrolled in an English language educational program. If a student has not participated in a screener or does not have a completed MNLS, the student must not be placed into an English Language Development (ELD) program. Instead, the district must have the parent or guardian complete the MNLS to determine if a student should be screened for English language proficiency.

After a student is placed in the LIEP (Language Instruction Educational Program), districts must annually identify students who continue to be eligible for English language instruction. An EL continues to be eligible for instruction in an LIEP if the student does not have a proficient score on the ACCESS test, or if the district deems the student eligible by using additional criteria as defined on Page 14.

For more detailed explanation of these requirements and procedures, review the following link: http://education.state.mn.us/mdeprod/groups/educ/documents/hiddencontent/bwrl/mdcy/~edisp/mde072040.pdf                                                                    


The school district must wait until ACCESS test scores are available before beginning the exiting process. If a student has an overall composite score of at least 4.5 and three out of four domain scores (listening, speaking, reading, and writing) of at least 3.5, that student has met the ACCESS proficiency score. If a student has not met the ACCESS proficiency score, the student must continue to receive instruction in an LIEP.

If, on the other hand, a student’s ACCESS composite score is at least 4.5 and ALL domain scores are at least 3.5, the student must be exited from the LIEP and reclassified at the beginning of the following school year. If a student does not have a proficient ACCESS score, the district may not exit that student from the LIEP.  Additional exit criteria are illustrated on the Decision Tree (Page 14 & 15).

For more detailed explanation of these requirements and procedures, review the following link:


Parental Rights

A parent or guardian has the right at any time to withdraw the student from the LIEP by providing written notice of this intent to the school principal or to the district superintendent. The parent or guardian may re-enroll the child in the LIEP upon request.






1. Minnesota Language


2. English Language

Proficiency (ELP) Screener

Kindergarten: W-APT or WIDA MODEL


Grades 1-12: WIDA Screener: Online or Paper



1. Placement in a language

instruction educational



2. Continuing Eligibility

Annual ELP Assessment

ACCESS composite score less than 4.5


Two or more ACCESS domains less than 3.5



Annual ELP Assessment

 ACCESS composite score greater than or equal to 4.5


Three or more ACCESS domains greater  than or equal to 3.5


2. Additional Criteria (if applicable)

State approved additional

criteria are applied if lowest ACCESS domain is below 3.5