College Tuition Waivers for Native American Students

 College Tuition Waivers for Native American Students

Many states have enacted laws providing for scholarships, tuition waivers, or grant programs for Native Americans. Most of the states require that students be residents of the state prior to enrolling in a state college/university and/or be a member of a tribe from that state. Students should check with the colleges they are interested to see if Native American scholarships or tuition waivers are offered.

The following states provide in-state tuition rates or tuition waivers to Native American students, with additional requirements such as tribe, state residency or graduation from a BIA high school in that state. Visit the state college/university website and search under Financial Aid for 'American Indian' tuition waivers:


In-state tuition for AI students who graduated from a California BIA high school.


In-state tuition for American Indians who have origins in any of the original people of North America and who maintain a cultural identification through tribal affiliation or community recognition with one or more of the tribes or nations connected historically with the present state of Iowa, including the Iowa, Kickapoo, Menominee, Miami, Missouri, Ojibwa (Chippewa), Omaha, Otoe, Ottawa (Odawa), Potawatomi, Sac and Fox (Sauk, Meskwaki), Sioux, and Winnebago (Ho Chunk).

Maine University of Maine

Tuition waiver and scholarship that covers room and board for members of historical tribe of Maine area OR a resident of Maine from any federally recognized or Canadian tribe. Student can be tribally enrolled OR have a parent or grandparent enrolled.


Tuition waiver for historical Massachusetts area tribes who are Massachusetts residents.


Tuition waiver for residents of Michigan enrolled in a Michigan tribe. (see PDF at bottom of page).

Oklahoma Oklahoma University

In-state tuition to tribal enrollees.

Utah and Washington

In-state tuition for AI students whose tribes are from the state or neighboring states.

The following colleges offer tuition waiver programs to Native American students from any state:

*requirements from previous header apply

Colorado Fort Lewis College at Durango-Student must be 1/4 Native American OR enrolled in a federally recognized tribe OR a direct decedent of a tribal member who lived on a reservation prior to June 1, 1934.

Kansas Haskell Indian Nations University - Students do not need to be tribally enrolled, but must document 1/4 or more tribal descent.

Montana MT University System

*Tuition waiver for MT residents enrolled in a federally recognized tribe.

Minnesota U of MN, Morris -Student must be enrolled in a federally recognized tribe OR a parent OR grandparent must be enrolled.

North Dakota State Colleges and Universities Search by college under Financial Aid resources or Scholarships for the Diversity Tuition Waiver