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Welcome to homeschooling in the Centennial School District. The following information is important for you to know, as a homeschool administrator, in order for your homeschool to meet all state and district requirements.

Please let the Centennial District Home School Liaison know if you have any questions. For more information about getting started, compliance, and resources for homeschool administrators, please refer to the questions and answers document published by the Minnesota Department of Education.


Homeschool Overview

Homeschool Forms and Guidelines


Special Education Services Offered by Centennial School District 12

State and federal laws require every school district to locate and offer special education and related services to students, public and private who are eligible under the guidelines of the state. In Minnesota, homeschools are considered nonpublic schools.

For additional information on notifying the district and receiving related services, please click here.


It is imperative that you return all the documents listed above by the due date.  The dates listed are mandated by the state and late submissions may result in an inability of the district to register your student for the school year.

Submit all required reporting forms via online form (where applicable), mail or email no later than October 1, 2022.


Centennial School District 12
Attn:  Theresa Culp
Homeschool Liaison
4707 North Rd
Circle Pines, MN  55014