Homeschool for Transfer Credit Guidelines


In accordance with the Minnesota Statute, homeschooling is an option for families. In order for homeschooling to transfer as a credit for Centennial Schools, the following conditions must be met. Credit will be transferred and indicted as a homeschool credit. Transfer credit will be evaluated by the Senior High Guidance Department to determine appropriate match to existing courses and credit requirements. Credits that do not match current courses may be identified as a general elective credit only.

  • Minnesota Compulsory Instruction Report completed and on file with the Curriculum Office.
  • Provide documentation indicating that the required subjects are being taught and that the required tests have been administered. This documentation must include class schedules, copies of materials used for instruction, and descriptions of the methods used to assess student achievement. The student’s scores on any test administered must be provided to the school district.
  • Documentation of one academic year of study or mastery of the subject matter is required for each high school credit.
  • Student enrollment does not exceed 1.0. A student cannot be enrolled full time at Centennial High School and enrolled in a homeschool. Either the student must reduce his/her enrollment at Centennial High School or attend homeschool only during the summer break when the High School is not in session.

For assistance with homeschool information and transfer credits, Please contact the Curriculum Office at 763-792-6175