Third Party Billing Information (Birth - 2 Years)

Information on Third Party Billing (Birth through Two Years)

If your child has an IEP* or IFSP** at school, state law requires that the school district bill to get payment from a Minnesota Health Care Program (Medical Assistance, Minnesota Care). Third Party Billing is a process utilized by schools and health care providers to access public and private funds to cover the cost of medically-related health care services provided in accordance with an IEP or IFSP.

*IEP: Individual Education Plan
**IFSP: Individual Family Service Plan

Types of Health-Related Services

  • Assistive Technology Devices
  • Speech/Language and Audiology
  • Mental Health Services
  • Special Transportation
  • Occupational Therapy
  • Oral Language Interpreter
  • Personal Care Assistance
  • Physical Therapy
  • Nursing Services
  • Special Education Psychology Assessments
  • Hearing Services

Centennial School District 12 Statement of Assurances

1. All funds covered through Third Party Billing must be used to support and improve Special Education services. Minnesota law stipulates that special education revenue cannot be reduced due to recovery of Third Party Billing funds.

2. The District will provide a free and appropriate public education for the child regardless of whether you provide permission for Third Party Billing. Families will not bear the cost of IEP or IFSP-related services.

3. Minnesota statutes insures that a child's monthly, annual, and lifetime limits for State Plan and/or "waivered" services will not be impacted when a District receives Medical Assistance or Minnesota Care payment for IEP or IFSP-related services.

4. Parents will receive from their public plan an explanation of benefits received by the District for their child.

5. Your consent is voluntary. You can deny consent to bill at any time. Please call if you have any questions.

How Does Third Party Billing Work?

1. The school district provides special education and related services in accordance with an IEP or IFSP.

2. Families with Medical Assistance or Minnesota Care: The district will share IEP or IFSP-related services with the Minnesota Department of Human Services for billing purposes.

3. Medically-related service provider document IEP or IFSP services and keep a log of services provided to your child.

4. Special Education Services Office collects all documentation, checks for accuracy, and completeness (confidentiality is insured).

5. The Special Education Services Office's agent completes all paperwork and works with the Minnesota Department of Human Services to facilitate payment of the claim.

6. The Special Education Services Office completes a monthly summary and collects revenue.

For more information on third party billing contact:

Kathy Zwonitzer
Director, Special Education, Centennial Schools

Michelle Noha
Lead Nurse, Centennial Schools

Jenny Roth
IEP Coordinator, Minnesota Department of Human Services

Ruth Ellen Luehr
Third Party Billing Specialist, Minnesota Department of Education