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Teaching & Learning

Centennial is committed to providing quality literacy experiences and environments for all learners. Based on the 5 previous years, Centennial 3rd graders consistently outperformed the state average and surrounding districts on the Minnesota Comprehensive Assessments. The district goal, as required by Minnesota Statue 120B.12, is that every child should read at or above grade level by third grade.
Students in grades K-3 in the Centennial School District are assessed three times each year – Sept., Jan. and May.


The PSAT will be given at Centennial High School on Saturday, October 14, 2017 at 8:00 am. Testing location will be West Building 700 wing.

Standards and Outcomes

Minnesota Academic Standards:
Arts - Language Arts - Math - Science - Social Studies


What assessments are given?  Results of past assessments.

Sample District Report Cards

Samples of elementary grade level report cards.

Learner Outcomes

Minnesota State Academic Standards

Learner outcomes by grade level

Title 1

Title I services in reading and/or math are provided for students who meet specific criteria. Student progress is closely monitored, and Title I reading and/or math instruction is in addition to regular classroom instruction.