Equitable Access to Excellent Teachers

Equitable Access to Experiences, Effective, and In-Field Teachers


The superintendent’s administrative cabinet comprised of all area directors and principals, including the director of human resources review the findings from the required triennial Pay Equity Implementation Report and data reported in the WBWF District Data Profiles. Reports are also shared with the Systems Accountability Committee (WBWF Advisory) and the School Board.

 2017-2018CentennialRegion 11*Minnesota
Inexperienced Staff5.9%9.3%10.3%
Classes Taught by an Educator Out of Field1.7%2.1%2.7%
Staff without an Advanced Degree20.8%29.8%40.1%

* Region 11 is mostly comprised school districts in the 6-county metropolitan area.

Data reflect averaged percentages for comparable school districts based on the published WBWF District Data Profiles. Comparable districts are in the lowest poverty quartile and the middle two minority quartiles.

Any gaps that occur are the result of an aged workforce that is starting to turn over, especially at the elementary levels. Additionally, the district serves adjudicated youth at the Anoka county correctional facility (four programs) and an alternative learning center. Even these programs, which typically face challenges in recruiting and retaining staff, maintains significantly lower rates when compared across Minnesota and even within the district.

The district posts job openings at multiple websites. Additionally, we send a team of administrators annually to the Minnesota job fair and conduct initial, on-site interviews. Internally, we implement measures inexperienced staff and those teaching out of their licensure area are well supervised and receive quality professional development.  These measures include evaluations by administration, mentors, PLC’s, team meetings and access to a district mentor coordinator. 

Ensuring Highly Qualified Teaching Professionals

Teacher Assignments

    • Administrators review strengths and needs of staff compositions at each grade level and subject area. Teachers are assigned or reassigned positions as necessary.
    • Teachers can also apply for assignment to open positions in the district.

Rigorous Hiring Process
    • Open positions are posted on a variety of job message sites to attract a wide pool of qualified candidates.
    • Administrators screen candidates for teaching qualifications and experiences.
    • Candidates go through at least two rounds of interviews.
    • Administrators check references and work histories of top candidates.
    • The director of human resources reviews licensure and preliminary background check for each top candidate prior to offering the position.

Star Reporting
    • Each fall and spring the director of human resources collects and reviews licensure data prior to submitting the Star Report to the MN Department of Education.

Professional development and mentoring
    • Each new teacher is assigned a mentor to cover the professional support and learning needs during the three-year probationary period. During this time administrators and the district mentor coordinator also conduct observations and engage in reflective conversations regarding improvement strategies. Lastly, each teacher participates in professional learning communities to further support their professional development and met their learning goals connected to school-wide improvement efforts.

Equitable Access to Diverse Teachers

    • The percent of students of color in the district is 18.7%; meanwhile, the percent of teachers of color is under 3%.

    • Centennial advertises for open teaching positions in a variety of job sites. We have partnered with universities for student teaching experiences so we can expand our brand to attract the very best teachers in the field. Additionally, we send a team of administrators annually to the Minneapolis Education Job Fair and conduct initial, on-site interviews with qualified candidates.