Goal Area 5: All Students Graduate

Background Information

We take seriously the unique learning needs of every child and we have made and continue to make investments in staffing, programming and services that enhance the academic, social and emotional needs of students.

  • Cougar Café: Centennial High School students needing additional academic support, homework help, or credit remediation can come in after school for this assistance. This program is staffed by licensed core area teachers.
  • LEAP and Advisory
  • Anti-bullying Efforts: In recognition that safe schools are important for student learning, the Centennial School District has adopted a new school board policy along with procedures and practices that will enhance the learning environment for all staff and students.


2016-2017 Performance Indicators

The most recently published 4-year graduation rate (2016) for students attending school in the Centennial School District is 93.6%.  These percentages include students at Centennial High School, Centennial Area Learning Center and the Pines School (a program located at the Anoka County Correctional Facility). Though we have yet to attain the desired 100% graduation rate, these numbers are significantly higher than state and national averages.

 Performance Summary - Goal in Progress

Goals for 2017-2018

  • The 4-year graduation rate will increase from 91.9% in 2015 to 95% in 2018. 


Systems, Strategies, and Supports for Improvement