School and District Professional Development

Professional Development Goals

All teachers, paraprofessionals and principals participate in a robust professional development program. This programming is designed to provide staff with the knowledge and skills they need to maximize their impact on student learning and the culture for learning. The goals of professional development represent a collaborative effort involving the Department of Teaching and Learning, all building principals, and a staff development teacher representative from each school. Staff development goals are aligned K-12 and focus on the central needs of our staff and the students they serve. The professional development goals for the school year are as follows:

    • Educators engage all students in meaningful relationships through culturally responsive teaching practices.

    • Educators effectively collaborate with colleagues to build a guaranteed and viable curriculum.


Staff Development Reports for 2017-2018

District (pdf, 461 KB)
Early Childhood (pdf, 107 KB)
Blue Heron Elementary (pdf, 144 KB)
Centennial Elementary (pdf, 126 KB)
Centerville Elementary (pdf, 146 KB)
Golden Lake Elementary (pdf, 102 KB)
Rice Lake Elementary (pdf, 52 KB)
Centennial Middle School (pdf, 41 KB)
Centennial High School (pdf, 405 KB)