Centennial High School

Centennial High School Professional Development Report


Staff Development Committee Members

    • Michelle Baland 
    • Tom Breuning
    • AJ Carlson
    • Amanda Daeger 
    • Kimberly Davidson 
    • Kelly Flohaug
    • Sara Florin 
    • Heather Gustafson
    • Nori Heino 
    • Andrea Kreuger 
    • Kristen Marshall 
    • Tyson Poppleton 
    • Chris Ripken 
    • Fran Stephens 
    • Nicole Walker

Goal #1: Participate in trainings related to improving student / teacher relationships

Educators engage students in meaningful relationships which increase student achievement and promote social and emotional growth.

Trainings and activities were designed with a lens of access and equity and reflection on culturally responsive practices.


Staff participated in trainings related to building relationships, learning more about students and their backgrounds, achievement / opportunity / expectation gaps, and biases.

Impact on Student Learning

Anecdotal evidence shows teachers are working to improve relationships with students, trying to be more aware of biases and assumptions, and being mindful of diverse backgrounds and needs. Impact on Teacher Practice:
Over 57% of teachers report using new strategies to get to know students and learn more about student backgrounds. Over 75% of teachers report an improvement in their instruction.


Goal #2: Participate in trainings on Best Practice Strategies

Educators effectively collaborate with colleagues around the effective implementation of best practice instructional strategies to embed the four PLC questions into standard practice.

Trainings and activities were designed to allow teachers to collaborate with their own PLC, as well as staff from different departments and content areas.


Teachers worked in PLC teams on a regular basis. PLC teams set goals (separate from CACS goals) related to implementing best practice / WICOR strategies giving students multiple access points to content and learning experiences. Between 56% and 89% of teachers report achieving these goals with some degree of success. At least 89% of teachers report collaboration and training has positively impacted their PLC. Staff participated in trainings related to rigor, equity, and technology tools (like ZipGrade and Schoology).

Impact on Student Learning

Students in almost all classes have teachers who use AVID strategies, are working towards implementation goals, and use Schoology in various ways.

Impact on Teacher Practice

Related to Schoology training, almost 80% of teachers report an improvement in their instruction. Staff would like more technology related training in the future. Around 93% of teachers report PLC collaboration has impacted student growth, while 96% of teachers collaborate with colleagues to adapt instruction and meet needs of students.

Staff Participation

100% of teachers and administrators participated in staff development activities. Almost all support staff participated in staff development activities (some activities were similar to teacher staff development, some were not). Over 87% of teachers surveyed believe the staff development committee provides effective professional development opportunities with a variety for all.