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English Learners

two students standing at a table with a teacher

The English Language Program (EL) in Centennial School District # 12 provides opportunities for students who speak languages, other than English, to become fluent in English.

At the elementary level, service is provided through pullout and inclusion. Secondary level service is provided as a class within the student's schedule. The EL teachers and classroom teachers work collaboratively to plan instruction that is most beneficial for the academic and language needs of the students. Instruction is given in the four modalities of listening, speaking, reading and writing.

EL programs are available at Centennial High School, CALC, Pines School, Centennial Middle School, Blue Heron Elementary, Centennial Elementary, Centerville Elementary, Golden Lake Elementary, and Rice Lake Elementary. 

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Mark Grossklaus
Executive Director of Teaching and Learning

Whitney Selimovic
English Learner Coordinator