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2024-25 Program Information

Centennial School District offers full-day programming for highly gifted students.  Odyssey, a school-within-a-school, provides full-time gifted instruction in self-contained classrooms for grades three, four and five at Rice Lake Elementary School.

The goal of the full-time program is to meet the academic, social and emotional needs of children who are highly gifted. Because of their academic and cognitive abilities, these children demonstrate a need for an in-depth, complex curriculum that is beyond the grade level core curriculum. This full-time programming provides differentiated learning experiences and intellectual challenges that will stimulate continuous academic growth.

Parents are notified when their child has been screened and is within the range of the eligibility criteria for Odyssey programming. Below is an informational slideshow that gives an overview of the programming that is provided for the students who attend the Odyssey classrooms.

Program Overview

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