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Programming Model

Centennial School District Levels of Service model provides four levels of programming to address the needs of students.

Level 1 Programming: Grades Kindergarten - Twelve

High quality curriculum with differentiation is provided for all students within the classroom. The opportunity for in-depth study, extended group projects, and special interest groups is provided based on students’ demonstrated needs. The gifted education staff provides support for teachers and students inside the classroom.

Level 2 Programming: Grades Two - Twelve

Interdisciplinary learning experiences, enrichment and extension groups, and accelerated, honors, and advanced classes are provided for students based on their demonstrated need for additional challenge. The gifted education staff provides short term enrichment for students exhibiting high academic achievement. (Students in kindergarten and grade one exhibiting uniquely high academic needs will be considered individually for programming.)

Level 3 Programming: Grades Two - Twelve

Level 3 programming is provided for students whose unique needs are not met by Level 1 and Level 2 enrichment opportunities. Educational opportunities for these students include subject or grade acceleration, early entrance, cluster grouping, individual learning plans, affective discussion groups, and curriculum based pull-out groups. The gifted education staff has direct involvement with students who demonstrate a need for student based programming which is programming above and beyond the regular curriculum.

Level 4 Programming: Grades Three, Four and Five

The goal of Level 4 programming is to meet the academic and social needs of students who are highly gifted. Because of their academic and cognitive abilities, these students demonstrate a need for in-depth, complex curriculum that is beyond the grade level core curriculum. Level 4 full-time programming for these students provides differentiated learning experiences and intellectual challenge to stimulate continuous academic growth.